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Focused counsel for family needs in Arizona

Whether you’re dividing your family or adding to it, or simply planning for your family or business future, Rolfe Hinderaker is here for you. Our friendly, dedicated Tucson lawyers will help you through any family or business needs.

Attorney Annie Rolfe prides herself on one-on-one service, giving you honest, educated legal assistance and diligent representation. It’s important for you to feel involved with your case — that’s why we talk to you like a friend or family member and not like just another client.

Let us help you through your divorce

At Rolfe Hinderaker, our Tucson family law attorneys will help lay out a course of action and will always stand by your side from beginning to end. Whether you need help with asset division, alimony, child custody or child support, we’re behind you 100 percent for your family law needs, which may include the following:

  • Adoption. We will help you plan for and provide representation through adoption proceedings, and answer any questions you might have. Learn more our Adoption services.
  • Divorce. Stand confidently before and after your divorce with dedicated counsel. Learn more about our Divorce services.
  • Alimony. We can help diligently defend you in cases of alimony. Learn more about our Alimony services.
  • Asset Division. Protect your assets after divorce with an appropriate valuation and protection of your assets. Learn more about our Asset Division services.
  • Child Custody. Keeping your children’s best interests in mind with joint or physical custody. Learn more about our Child Custody services.
  • Child Support. Finding the best support possible for children involved in divorce. Learn more about our Child Support services.
  • Cohabitation Agreements. Define your rights as a couple with cohabitation agreements. Learn more about our Cohabitation Agreements services.

Put you and your family’s future in perspective

We know you want to protect your family. In the event of your loss or incapacitation, a living will, power of attorney or estate plan is important to have prepared. Let us sit down with you to discuss your probate and estate planning options to protect your assets, your company, or give your family peace of mind when you’re no longer here. Our services encompass the following:

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Your Tucson family law should be handled by an experienced team of attorneys who truly care. Call Rolfe Hinderaker today at 520-209-2550 to schedule your consultation and see what a difference caring, focused Tucson lawyers can make for your case and your life.